Top Tour Sites in Myanmar

Looking for a place to travel to both you and your friends or family members, then try visiting the Myanmar; a country that is found on the Southern Side of Asia. This country is well recognized because of its superior treasured culture that the people leaving over there tend to treasure. Some of the top sites that you can visit once you are in Myanmar include:


This is an example of a city in Myanmar that is among the biggest cities in the country. One thing about this city is despite its well-known because of its size, it is not that modernized to fit with the current mordent trend. To understand more about  myanmar holidays  just view the link.

However, the traditional theme that is practiced in this town is what has made it receive so many positive reviews and has been the main reason why tourists visit the city. Once you are there, you are dressed in their old traditional clothes and a pair of sandals for you to fit with the residents.

Visiting this place, you will be able to learn some of the Japanese, Chinese and Korean's traditional stories and one of the top treasures that are the Buda. Visiting the Yangon then you will come across different links to some of other top towns around the country and other countries such as Hong Kong, Taipei, Dhaka, and Bangkok, Singapore among other famous top cities.


In Myanmar, there is a town that is well known for the country's royalty. The town is recorded to be the last town left standing from way back when the state was well known for its famous trading joints. In Mandalay, you will be able to learn a bit about the country's trading history as there is still some old possession in the town that is effective in restoring the town for its trading power that it has represented back in history. Acquire more knowledge of this information about  yangon tours .

If you a historian or love history trading and would love to own some of the possessions that were sold back then, then you should visit the Mandalay. It is not as big as Yangon and located about 7 km from Yangon.


Myanmar, as a country is well known for a significant number of temples compared to any to any other state and this is made possible because of Bagan. This town came to rise because it was used as the capital of Myanmar in worship where people could come from all over the country to worship over there. Looking for experience, the historical temples then visit the Bagan, as it has over 2000 temples.